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Gauntlet My students and I often discus articles related to their industries or general business topics. Often, interesting or unusual vocabulary pops up and this...

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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Idioms

Valentine’s Day Idioms Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. It’s an international holiday celebrated on February 14th in most countries. People celebrate the holiday...

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100 Common Uncommon Words book cover

100 Common Uncommon Words

100 Common Uncommon Words I’m very happy to announce the second edition of my book, 100 Common Uncommon Words, is now available as an ePub...

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Image showing positions on the bed in the bed

on the bed and in bed

On the bed and In bed Students often ask about the difference between “in bed” and “on the bed”. Fortunately, it’s not too tough. 1. in...

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How to use Either

How to use either.

How to use either. “Either” is pretty easy to use, but there are some special examples to look out for.  Let’s start with the basics. ...

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An example of clickbait.

What is clickbait?

What is clickbait? Clickbait is a leading title, usually with an image. Online, these titles make people want to “click” through to some content. Unfortunately,...

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a mother with an ugly baby

Mother’s Day Idioms

Mother’s Day Idioms A face only a mother could love. Happy Mother’s Day!  There are lots of idioms in English related to to Mothers. So,...

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Literally vs Figuratively

Literally and Figuratively

Literally and Figuratively Figuratively Figurative expressions mean something special. The words and meaning don’t always match. “Spill the tea” means “gossip”.  Literally Literal expressions mean...

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list of world clocks with AM PM listings

How to write AM and PM

How to write AM PM This drives me crazy. I look this up all the time, and always need to check again. Why? Because there are so...

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