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How to use Either


Either How do you use “either”?  The basic use of “either” is pretty easy, but there are some special examples to

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An example of clickbait.


What is clickbait? Clickbait is a leading title, usually with an image. Online, these titles make people want to “click”

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English words with silent K

Silent K

Silent K in English I like to say that spelling and pronunciation in English are a bit of an adventure.

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list of world clocks with AM PM listings


How do you write AM/PM? This drives me crazy. I look this up all the time, and always need to

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Affect vs Effect

Affect vs Effect What’s the difference between affect and effect?  English learners and native speakers alike get these words mixed

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Alliteration Alliteration is when several words close together start with the same sound.  Ex: Peter Parker is the sensational Spider-Man! 

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Really vs Very

Really vs Very What’s the difference between, “really” and “very”?  Really / Very + adjectivesEx: The whipped cream on the pancakes was really

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Later LaterI often hear students make mistakes with this word, so here are some simple examples to help remember the

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Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks Quotation marks have several simple uses, and a lot of specific rules. Try learning the general rules first, and focus

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