Journal Writing Series

Five Weeks + Ten Lessons = Better English

This beginner course focusses on writing longer and more accurately. 

Journal 2
Write more fluently in nine different writing styles.

Journal 3
Express yourself more fully in a variety of styles and levels of formality.

Journal Plus Audio
Boost your Journal journey with an audio upgrade!
Helps improve rhythm, intonation, specific sounds, speed, and listening.

New Course Developing Now


I’m actually super excited about developing this course on presentations. The best way to get better at presenting is to present. Doing that in a new language can be a challenge. 

This course address all the language you’ll need to do your best. And like all of our courses, it’s adapted to you and your needs. 

We are testing this course for release right now, so join the test program and get notified when special deals come available. 

Custom Courses

Does your staff need English language training?

We are very happy to propose solutions for your needs. Over the past fifteen years, we have helped thousands of students prepare for a variety of situations including email writing, customer care, work abroad, presentations, negotiations, job interviews, teaching university classes, plant engineers, regular office admin, and a lot more.