Self-Study Courses

Study on your own, and at your pace. Complete assignments online on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Instructors will check your work and give you guidance. 


Five Weeks + Ten Lessons = Better English

This beginner course focusses on writing longer and more accurately. 

Journal 2
Write more fluently in nine different writing styles.

Journal 3
Express yourself more fully in a variety of styles and levels of formality.

What Students Say

"I was able to improve my writing skill and learned a lot thanks to this Journal course.Your lesson also may lead to raise my TOEIC score. Last month, I got a score of 805 on the TOEIC test. This is my best score. I’m really appreciate your support. From now, I also keep trying to put in the hard yards to improve my English skill."
Isao S
"Before I started this course, all I had were basic writing skills, and I didn't know how to improve them. You may think a writing course just involves writing an essay and the teacher correcting it. This course is more than that. All of the themes are very interesting and good to discuss. The corrections and feedback from the teacher are so helpful, and easy to understand."
Journal 3

New Course Developing Now


The best way to get better at presenting is to present. Doing that in a new language can be a challenge. 

This course address all the language you’ll need to do your best. Like all of our courses, it’s adapted to you and your needs. We are testing this course for release right now, so join the test program and get notified when special deals come available. 

Custom Courses

Does your staff need English language training?

Over the past fifteen years, we have helped thousands of students prepare for a variety of situations including: 
– email writing
– customer care
– work abroad
– presentations
– negotiations
– job interviews
– teaching university classes
– plant engineering 
– regular office admin
– and a lot more 

Tell us what your team needs and we’ll be happy to help. 

Don’t be shy. We LOVE your questions.

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