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Welcome to Journal

Five weeks + Ten lessons = Better English

 Journal is a five-week English writing course for beginners.
It will help you express yourself with clear, correct, and natural English.
After the course, you will write longer and better. 

Journal English writing course for beginners

How the course works


Write about our topics, or choose your own.


We check your writing and give feedback. 


Use your new skills in your next assignment. 


We check your writing for:  

1. Format = organized writing 

2. Accuracy = correct grammar

3. Usage = natural words and phrases

4. Style = formality, creativity, and originality

5. Vocabulary = using a variety of words correctly


My Name is Yumi.
I‘m work at tokyo.
I work sales.
Now I study English.
Next summer I will go san francisco in america.
I’m little nervous.
My english is little basic.
 it’s learning is fun.
In america I will work with parterns at the san francisco branch.
That branch is for asia sales.

My name is Yumi and I work in sales in Tokyo. Right now, I’m studying English because next summer, I am going to go to San Francisco in the US. There, I’m going to work with partners at our branch which handles sales to Asia.  I’m a little nervous because mEnglish is bit basic but learning is fun.

Great job Yumi.  Your writing was easy to understand.

1. Capitalize proper nouns and proper adjectives

X america               O America
X Country               O country
X City                      O city
X asian                    O Asian

X san francisco      O San Francisco
X english                 O English

2. Vocabulary – Try using different words with the same meaning.
X I’m a little nervous because my English is a little basic.
O I’m a bit nervous because my English is a little basic.     

X I’m a little tired and a little hungry.
O I’m a little tired and a bit hungry.

3.  Use conjunctions (and/but/because) to connect short sentences.
My name is Yumi. I work in sales in Tokyo.
My name is Yumi and I work in sales in Tokyo.

Right now, I’m studying English. Next summer, I‘m planning to go to San Francisco.
Right now, I’m studying English because ext summer, I‘m planning to go to San Francisco.

I’m a bit nervous. My English is a little basic. It’s fun learning.
I’m a bit
 nervous because my English is a little basic but it’s fun learning.

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