Journal: Beginner

Improve your English speaking and writing. Write about topics you care about, then discuss them in class. With feedback and practice, you’ll speak more clearly, learn new words and phrases, and have a great time doing it! 

Course Flow


Lesson 1: All About Me

Tell us all about yourself.

Lesson 2: Work & School

Talk about your work or school life.

Lesson 3: Say More

Go deeper into your topics.

Lesson 4: Yesterdays

Talk a lot about the past.

Lesson 5: Experience

Describe your life experience.

Lesson 6: Future Plans

Speak about your future.

Lesson 7: Chances Are

Talk about what's possible.

Lesson 8: S/he Said

Report what others have said.

Lesson 9: Opinons

Share your ideas and feelings.

Lesson 10: Review

Tell your story as you like it.

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