Simple proofreading for better English writing.


We'll check your PP deck and script for naturalness and accuracy.


Be sure your message strikes the right tone before you send it.


English isn't my first language. I just want to sound more natural.

My Experience 
I have been doing moderate proofreading professionally for over five years and regularly train staff in how to proofread documents. 

Now, I’m offering this service to my students. 

What is proofreading?

Generally speaking, I check your writing for a few simple elements.

  • Accuracy

    grammar and spelling

  • Format

    layout and spacing and how words are organized

  • Word Choice

    pick the right word every time

  • Usage / Style

    This is really the most interesting and most challenging element. I check for formality and tone of voice as well as differences in spoken and written English.

Getting Started

To get started with your documents, simply choose the service length you need from your booking page, then, send documents to:

Note: Personal members enjoy a discount on all proofreading services.

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