Really vs Very

What’s the difference between, “really” and “very”? 

Really / Very + adjectives
Ex: The whipped cream on the pancakes was really tall.
Ex: Unfortunately, the restaurant was very expensive.

Really / Very + adverbs
Ex: You sing really well.
Ex: I think you sing very beautifully too.

Really + verbs 
Ex: I really wanted to go to that party. 
Ex: We really enjoyed the movie. 

NOT: I very wanted to go to that party. 
NOT: We very enjoyed the movie. 

The easy thing to remember: don’t use “very” with verbs.)

Take care when using “much”.
“Really” sometimes means that something is “true”. 
O This coffee is really much better than that coffee. = truly / actually
O This coffee is very much better than that coffee. = a large amount

O I like these pancakes 
very much. = amount
X I like these pancakes 
really much. X

Other uses
Really = surprise / assurance 
A: I passed the test! 
B: Really?! 
A: Really! I did it! I’m so happy. 

Very + noun = actual / exact  
Ex: That was the very day I joined the circus. 
Ex: There is a big surprise at the very end of the movie. 

Now it’s your turn!

1. I __________ don’t want to take this test. 

2. Thank you __________ much. 

3. Those pancakes look __________ good!

A: I just bought a dog! 
B: __________! Wow!

5. I like his accent. I think he speaks __________ interestingly.

6. Can you __________ come to the party? 

7. If you don’t come to the party I’m going to be __________ angry.

8. I just bought this book. I’m at the __________ beginning. 

9. Steve __________ did it this time. 

10. I am writing to say I __________ much appreciate all your help. 

1. really  2. very  3. really/very  4. really  5. really/very  6. really  7. really/very  8. very  9. really  10. very

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