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CoEn is all about building your confidence in English, and you will only be more confident when you actually improve. I take a very simple approach to learning English, we use it as much as possible in a natural way. Along the way, we will fix any weak spots and focus on where you can improve. It’s actually much easier to show you than tell you, so feel free to book a demo with me today. 

Who am I?
I’m Mike Kloran. 

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For over a decade, I've developed teaching materials and images for teachers and students around the world.

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I don't teach children, but I love teaching this guy. He's my best friend, and my greatest accomplishment. Being a father means the world to me.

Mike running


The best part of obstacle course races are the obstacles. So, I run towards them. Life is the same. We grow by choosing to face challenges.

Don't wait for opportunity,
create it.

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