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English for business and life.

Why CoEn?





Don’t just study English, use it.

In class, you talk and we listen. We work together to set specific learning goals like using correct sentence patterns, or more natural pronunciation. 
It’s your English for your life.


Take self-study courses for any level.

Journal is a five-week English course. It will help you express yourself with clear, correct, and natural English. It’s simple: write, check, repeat. 

Study online and add custom audio.

Intensive Programs

We’ve been teaching intensives for over fifteen years.

Some learners have big goals and little time. Tell us your goal, and we’ll help you reach it, whether you’re preparing to go abroad or about to give a big presentation.

Custom Courses

CoEn = Collaborative English

Do you or your team have a special goal? 
Maybe your idea doesn’t fit traditional classes.
Get in touch and we’ll make a proposal.
Just like you, we love new challenges.

I want someone to say to me,
because of you, 
I didn't give up.

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Start booking classes, taking courses,
and enjoying your journey today. 

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