Every Day and Everyday

What’s the difference between every day and everyday?
These words are easy to mix up, especially if you are typing fast, or using text to speech. Here’s a hint: Every morning, I do my daily exercise. 

Got it? 
Let’s look at some examples.

every day and everyday

1. every + day, week, month, year, etc. 
“Every” is a determiner. It means “each”.

 Every day, I call my dad.
Every morning, he has coffee. 
Every week, we have a test. 
• I get paid every month
• We take a camping trip every year.  

2. everyday + noun 
“Everyday” is an adjective. It means regular or usual. 

• Eating vegetables is a good everyday habit
• Running isn’t a special event. It’s just an everyday hobby
• “Excellent” is an everyday word. I say it a lot. 
• This isn’t an everyday problem. It’s very rare. 


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