How to Use Comparatives

We compare things all the time, which is good because we have lots of ways to say what we think. Unfortunately, it’s also a lot to remember, but don’t worry, we have you covered. 

1. adjectives + er / than

Add “er + than” to short adjectives.
• I’m taller than my sister. (tall / taller)
• My sister is shorter than me. (short / shorter)
• Her jokes are funnier than mine. (funny / funnier)

Add “more / less + than” to long adjectives. 
• I think my sister is more beautiful than me. 
• But her stories are less interesting than mine. 

Take Care. There are a LOT of special examples. 
• My test score was good, but my next one will be better
• That movie was bad, but part two was worse
• This game is fun, but yesterday’s game was more fun.

2. When things are the same

Use “both” or “as” to show things are the same. 
• Tim and Bob are both 32 years old
• Tim is as old as Bob. (as adjective as)
• I run as quickly as you. (as adverb as)

Use “neither” for two negative things. 
• Tim’s not a baseball player and neither is Bob. 
Neither Tim nor Bob plays baseball. (more formal style)

Use “none” for more than two negative things. 
• Nine people came to the cafe and none of them looked happy. 

Take Care: 
Use “not as ___ as” to show things are different
• My boss isn’t as nice as my old boss. (My old boss was nicer.)
• That test wasn’t as hard as I expected. (It was easier.)


3. More / Less / Fewer + Adverbs and Nouns

Use “more / less + adverbs + than” to compare actions. 
• She sings more beautifully than before. 
• I run more slowly than I used to. 

Use “more / less / fewer + nouns + than to compare amounts.
• He has more friends than me. 
• I have more money than him. 
• She has less time to finish than me. 
• Today, there were fewer customers than yesterday. 



4. Make Strong Statements

Use superlative adjectives to make strong statements. 
• Strawberry ice cream is good, but chocolate is better. And chocolate with peanut butter is the best!! 
• This puppy is the biggest of the three
• Philosophy is the 
least interesting class today. 
• Really? I think it’s the 
most exciting class I’m taking

We can also make strong statements with comparatives.
• To me, the first Star Wars was
better than any of the sequels. 
• This year, my team played harder than any other team

There are LOTS more ways to make comparisons. Try using some of the examples above in your next class and we’ll practice them together! 

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