Meet, Meet with, Meet up with

What is the difference between meet with, meet, and meet up with? 

This is a simple pattern I often hear people make mistakes with. Let’s look at some examples!

meet with, meet, meet up with

meet with = serious
Ex: I’m going to meet with my boss to talk about my contract.
Ex: The president met with other world leaders to discuss climate change. 

meet = regular
Ex: I’m going to meet my boss for lunch this afternoon.
Ex: She met some friends before going to school.

meet up with = casual
Ex: I’m going to meet up with my boss for drinks tonight.
Ex: She met up with her boyfriend yesterday.

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for the first time = meet
Omet my wife in college. 
Xmet with my wife in college. 
Xmet up with my wife in college. 

meet / meet up + time / place
O We met at about five o’clock.
O We usually meet up in the break room at work. 
X We met with at about five o’clock. 
X We met up with in the break room at work. 

meet with / meet / meet up + people
O He likes to meet with new clients in our office. 
O I sometimes 
meet my sister for lunch. 
 She meets up with her friends on Fridays.

Now it’s your turn!

1. I’m going to _____ some friends tonight. 

2. Let’s _____ the new client right away. 

3. I _____ my husband when we were in high school. 

4. Chatting with you is really fun. We should _____. 

5. Let’s _____ on Monday afternoon.

6. I’m nervous to _____ her parents. 

7. The president _____ several delegates at the summit to discuss tax laws. 

8. The president _____ a number of new people. 

9. The president _____ delegates in front of the White House. 

10. _____ the company reps in our office seems like the best idea. 

1. meet / meet up / with   2. meet / meet with   3. met   4. meet / meet up   5. meet / meet up   6. meet   7. met with   8. met   9. met   10. meeting / meeting with

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