Five English Vocabulary Tips

Learning English vocabulary takes some work, but these ideas will make it a little easier. Try these study tips and tell us if they worked for you! 

vocabulary cards

1. Focus! 
Read books, blogs, posts, etc. related to your field. If you work in the furniture industry, read the style section of news sites, magazines about furniture, and industry blogs. Watch movies, and videos about your subject too! 

2. Variety! 
Focus is important, but don’t do too much. You need variety. Reading about sports can help your business English. How? Sports idioms are often used in business situations. So, don’t be afraid to explore new topics. 

3. Be Active! 
Watching shows and reading books is great. Now, use what you learned! If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! Write tweets, posts, etc. using your new words. Message friends and try using your new words in class or with friends. 

4. Get Feedback 
Using new words is key. Are you using them correctly? Ask your teacher, and encourage your friends to help you. 

5. Track Your Progress
How many new words did you learn last month? How many did you learn the month before? Don’t know? Keep track of them! 

There are lots of ways to track your progress. Use one that works for you.

– Keep a diary in a physical book. 
– Use an app on your phone like (the bizarrely overpriced) Anki. 
– A simple spreadsheet might be ugly, but it works! – and that’s what matters.    

Table showing vocabulary words, meanings, examples, and translations.

Like these tips? Want a vocabulary tracker for yourself? CoEn members get one free. 

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