Negative Agreement

A: I don't think John is really sick.
B: Neither do I.

How do you use “me neither”?
Do you sometimes make mistakes with “me neither” and “me too”? Check out the examples below and then use these styles in your own writing and speaking. 

Agreement is when you have the same idea or feeling as someone else. 

A: I love this movie! It’s so good!
B: Me too
     I love it too
     I do too

Negative Agreement is when you have the same idea or feeling as someone else about a negative. 

A: I really don’t like this movie. It’s so bad! 
B: I don’t like it either. = end of a full sentence 
     Me either = casual 
     Me neither. = regular 
     Neither do I! = regular

Sample Conversation 
A: John says he can’t come in today. I really don’t like last-minute cancellations. 
B: Me neither. I would never do that. 
A: Neither would I. 
B: What happened? 
A: He said he has “Floops Syndrome”. 
B: Floops? I’ve never heard of that. 
A: Neither have I. 
B: To be honest, I don’t believe him. 
A: I don’t either. I told him he needs to get a doctor’s note. 

Like this example? Did I forget something? Get in touch and let me know! 

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