Valentine's Day Idioms

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. It’s an international holiday celebrated on February 14th in most countries. People celebrate the holiday differently throughout the world but wherever you celebrate, do it with someone special. 

Common English Idioms About Love
1. a crush = the person you like
Ex: My crush doesn’t even know I’m alive. 

2. to have a crush on = to like someone
Ex: I have a huge crush on the girl that lives next door. 

3. to dump = to end a relationship suddenly

Ex: My girlfriend dumped me because I forgot Valentine’s Day.
Ex: I got dumped by my girlfriend too! 

4. to be head over heels = to be deeply in love with someone
Ex: My mom said she was head over heels for my dad when they met. 

5. have the hots for = to be attracted to someone 
Ex: I have the hots for the cute Russian guy in my history class. 

6. to pop the question = to ask someone to get married 
Ex: I’m so nervous. I’m going to pop the question tonight. 

7. hot = very attractive / sexy (men or women) 
Ex: The guy that works at my gym is really hot. 
Ex: There’s a really hot girl on the train. 

8. tie the knot = get married 
Ex: I don’t know if I’m ready to tie the knot. 
Ex: My sister and her boyfriend finally tied the knot last month. 

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