hope vs wish

What’s the difference between “hope” and “wish”? 

 Check out the examples below and then use these words in your own writing and speaking. 

Hope = want something that’s possible, likely, or the outcome is unknown

– I hope it doesn’t snow this weekend. = It’s possible.
– I hope you do good in your driving class. = I think it’s likely.
– There was an earthquake last night. I hope no one was hurt. = We don’t know the outcome yet.

– I have hope that this year will be better than next year. 

– My friends and I are hopeful about the future. 

Wish = want something that’s impossible, unlikely, or unrealistic 

– It’s so cold today. I wish it was summer. = It’s impossible. 
– I wish I could pass this test but I didn’t study. = It’s not likely. 
– A lot of people were hurt in the earthquake. I wish we didn’t have earthquakes. = It’s unrealistic. 

Throw a coin in the well and make a wish

You’re not going to win the lottery. That’s just wishful thinking.

Special Example: I wish + noun / I wish + for + noun 
We wish you a Merry Christmas. (Popular Christmas song)
I wish for a billion dollars. (a birthday wish) 
Wish me luck! (good luck)

Now it’s your turn! Choose the correct word in the examples below. 
1. I _____ I could fly like Superman. 
2. Good luck today. I _____ you get the job. 
3. We _____ you could come to the party. Maybe next time. 
4. My daughter _____ for a new bike for her birthday. 
5. When you see a shooting star, close your eyes and make a _____.
6. I _____ my rent wasn’t so high. 
7. We all _____ you do great in your new job. 
We all _____ you luck in your new job. 
9. A typhoon hit the big island last night. Let’s _____ no one was hurt.
10. I really _____ this quiz helps your English. 

1. wish  2. hope  3. hoped  4. wished  5. wish  6. wish  7. hope  8. wish  9. hope 10. hope

Like this example? Did I forget something? Get in touch and let me know! 

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