Father's Day Idioms

Father and son smiling

Happy Father’s Day! 

As a very happy dad, you can imagine that Father’s Day is pretty special to me. There are lots of idioms in English related to dads. So, let’s celebrate an awesome holiday with some dad jokes and idioms related to dads around the world!  

Study the idioms below and try using them in your next conversations.

This is not your father's board illustration.

1. not your father’s 
much more advanced than the previous generation

• The new Ford TX-3,000: not your father’s pickup. 
• Check out the new phone I got. Definitely not your father’s phone. 

Two guys with dad bods.

2. dad bod
a little muscular, and a little fat

• My dad and his best friend love working out. They have total dad bods. 
• I’m not sure having a dad bod is really a good thing.  

Father and son playing video games.

3. Like father, like son.
Dad and son are very similar. 

• You look just like your dad. Like father like, son. 
• My son loves video games. Like father, like son.  

An image of a classic dad joke.

4. Dad Jokes
Dad jokes are terrible jokes and puns dads love telling their kids. 

A: Hey dad? I’m hungry. 
B: Hi hungry! I’m dad! 
A: Dad …. stop! 

Daddy and baby.

5. Daddy / Sugar Daddy
This is English slang. When a young woman dates an older man, she sometimes calls him “Daddy”. If he supports her with money, he’s a “sugar daddy”. The opposite is a “sugar mama”. 

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