Find and Find Out

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Han Solo frozen in Carbonite toy

One day, I was in the park, and I found something under a tree. It was a little metal figure. It was Han Solo from Star Wars. Of course, it was one of my son’s toys. Later, I found out he forgot it in the park weeks before. He’s lucky I found it, and not another kid. 

What is the difference between “find” and “find out”? 

find = to discover something, often by chance
Ex: I found a wallet on the street a couple days ago. 
Ex: I hope Stephanie finds her lost ring. 

find out = to discover information
Ex: I found out my neighbor’s Wi-Fi password last week.
Ex: Let’s find out when the bus comes.

Note the spelling change: 
find / found / have found

Other Uses / Expressions 
find yourself = understand your personality 
Ex: Young people need time to find themselves. 

find yourself in = in a surprising situation 
Ex: I found myself surrounded by dancers!

find = to think or believe something is true, often from experience 
Ex: I find drinking tea helps me relax.  

There are many more great ways to use find. Don’t forget to check your dictionary or do a search for real examples! 

Now it’s your turn!

1. I can’t _____ my keys anywhere. 

2. I _____ Martin and Susan at the station. 

3. That’s how I _____ they were dating!

4. You’ll _____ a lot of minerals and vitamins in healthy food.

5. My little brother was so sad when he _____ that Santa isn’t real.

6. Our offices can be _____ at 221B Baker Street. 

7. Who stole the diamond? _____ in the next exciting episode. 

8. Good luck _____ a new job! 

1. find  2. found  3. found out  4. find  5. found out  6. found  7. find out  8. finding

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