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What is a gauntlet? My students and I often discus articles related to their industries or general business topics. Often, interesting or unusual vocabulary pops up and this is one of those. It’s an expression many native speakers use, though not every day.  Gauntlet A gauntlet is a big glove with a long,  loose wrist. …

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100 Common Uncommon Words book cover

100 Common Uncommon Words

100 Common Uncommon Words I’m very happy to announce the second edition of my book, 100 Common Uncommon Words, is now available as an ePub and PDF!  What’s in the book? Each page has two images, descriptions, and example sentences of the terms. Every ten words, you’ll find a review. You’ll also find all the …

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vocabulary cards

Five English Vocabulary Tips

Five English Vocabulary Tips Learning English vocabulary takes some work, but these ideas will make it a little easier. Try these study tips and tell us if they worked for you!  1. Focus!  Read books, blogs, posts, etc. related to your field. If you work in the furniture industry, read the style section of news sites, …

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What’s the difference between “really” and “very”?

What’s the difference between “really” and “very”? Really / Very + adjectives Ex: The whipped cream on the pancakes was really tall.Ex: Unfortunately, the restaurant was very expensive. Really / Very + adverbsEx: You sing really well.Ex: I think you sing very beautifully too. Really + verbs Ex: I really wanted to go to that party. Ex: We really enjoyed the movie.  NOT: I very wanted to go to that party. NOT: We very enjoyed the movie.  (The easy thing …

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Is it believe or believe in?

Believe vs Believe in “Believe” and “believe in” certainly look very similar, but they are used a bit differently.  What is the difference between “believe” and “believe in”? 1. Believe: to think something is true / factual Ex: I believe the movie starts at seven o’clock. = I think Ex: Bob says he has a Ferrari. …

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