Starting Conversations

Starting Conversations I’m a total introvert. That does not mean I don’t like talking to people, but it does mean I don’t actually start a lot of conversations. If you approached me and started a conversation though, I’d be happy to talk to you. The point is, I know it can be a bit hard …

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Stop Playing Conversation Catch

Stop Playing Conversation Catch Sometimes, teachers say conversation is like playing catch because our ideas go back and forth like tossing a ball. Today, let’s look at some examples of why you should stop playing catch.   First: What not to do. A: What do you do?  B: I work for an auditing company.  A: What …

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Lucky Rabbit's Feet

Why are Rabbits’ Feet Lucky?

Why are rabbits’ feet lucky? Lucky rabbits’ feet are popular around the world, but why are they lucky? Read the story below at your level. Study any new words, and then, use them in your next conversations! Reading Beginner Elementary Intermediate Beginner When I was a kid, I had a lucky rabbit’s foot. It was …

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Literally vs Figuratively

Literally and Figuratively

Literally and Figuratively Figuratively Figurative expressions mean something special. The words and meaning don’t always match. “Spill the tea” means “gossip”.  Literally Literal expressions mean what they say. I really did spill my tea.  Compare the literal and figurative expressions below. Literal: The actor literally died on stage. He had a heart attack.  Figurative: The actor died …

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What’s the difference between north of and in the north?

North, South, East, and West I sometimes hear students mix up directions like “north of” or “in northern”. It’s an easy thing to confuse. Below are some examples to help you remember the most common patterns. in + northern, southern, eastern, western = inside an area  Ex: New York is in the northern US. Ex: Atlanta is in the southern US. Ex: They’re both in the eastern US.  Ex: LA is in the western US.  North, south, east, …

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vocabulary cards

Five English Vocabulary Tips

Five English Vocabulary Tips Learning English vocabulary takes some work, but these ideas will make it a little easier. Try these study tips and tell us if they worked for you!  1. Focus!  Read books, blogs, posts, etc. related to your field. If you work in the furniture industry, read the style section of news sites, …

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father and son on the beach

You and I

You and I Question: Which is correct, “you and me “or “you and I”?  Answer: They both are! Study the examples below so you can always choose the right words. Subject: “I” is the subject. O – I like to go dancing on Fridays.O – My girlfriend and I like to go dancing on Fridays.X – Me …

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Raising a Bilingual Child Book Cover

Raising a Bilingual Child

Raising Bilingual Kids Instructions Read the story below at your level. Then, study the key words and phrases. Later, use them in your conversations and writing this week.  Reading Beginner Elementary Intermediate Beginner My son is bilingual. Here are two tips to help your kids. 1. Read ‘Raising a Bilingual Child’ by Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ph.D. This …

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